Friday, December 19, 2014


It's Friday Poster Fix, here at The Dungeon! Here are some fine examples of sexy 1-sheets from the past, of course, they're super tame and kind of fun compared to the stuff you find on the internet nowadays. Enjoy!

This is a British flick from 1959 with the original title... SWEET BEAT!

Here's the American poster from the 1963 sexy French movie, original title is PARIS EROTIKA.

A rare color flick from 1967 starring the very sultry, Tiger Lilly!

A movie from 1964 about a photographer who gives instructions on how to film nude women!

This is an interesting title from 1958, it stars Kathy (ROCKETSHIP X-M) Marlowe, Robert (KING KONG) Armstrong and Robert (THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON) Clarke!

Here's a wild little flick from 1967, one of the female stars was Bubbles Cash!

This is a Mondo style sexploitation mockumentary from 1965, produced in New York.

Any early nudie flick from 1961 from long-time schlock distributor, Kroger Babb.

Here's a nudie flick near and dear to Eegah!! and I, because, we saw it at a drive-in in Visalia, CA in 1960, when my cousins took us there in their 1959 Olds! Yeah, those were the days...

This one's from 1972, a reviewer said the crap 3-D effects made his eyes hurt!

From 1933, about a young woman who has to pay the price for fooling around with men!

This flick from 1953 is all about a secret reform school for rich-girl delinquents!

Here's one from 1965, a woman leaves her husband after being raped by the apartment janitor. Produced by the infamous Doris (NUDE ON THE MOON) Wishman.

This last poster is for a movie from Japan in 1966, and, a nice example of kitsch artwork!

Eegah!! is back tomorrow with another Dungeon Xmas present just for you!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

THE SNOWMAN - Ted Eshbaugh Studios (1933)

I was trying to find a good X-Mas horror for you, but I couldn't make up my mind, was it gonna be "Black Christmas," "Silent Night, Deadly Night," or "Santa Claws?" Hell No, the definitive winter horror is "The Snowman!" Welcome back to WTF!? Wednesday down in The Dungeon, and a special little treat from 1933 courtesy of the fine folks at Xmas Flix, called simply.....................................


It's been a long Winter's night, and it's time for all our knucklehead friends to the North to wake up!

Ain't nothing but fun and games and good times once the sun comes back out on a regular basis!

All the locals build a gigantic snowman to celebrate the occasion with a big end of Winter ring around the rosey song and dance show!

The mood changes suddenly!

The Snowman is changing!

He's getting uglier!

And uglier!!

And downright terrifying!

This happy X-Mas cartoon turns into a horrifying tale right before your eyes as the giant snowman starts killing and maiming indiscriminately!

Is this the only known snowman on record that has a butt even some 80 plus years later?

The Snowman busts up some universal church service!

You think The Snowman is going to go all romantic "Phantom Of he Opera" style on the organ but no, he's a real monster and destroys the place instead!

Lucky for everybody that this little guy knows how to control all the elements! That causes an early thaw, and things start to melt!

At first it's just an annoying suntan!

But in no time at all, The Snowman starts making his permanent departure once and for all!

Sayonara Asshole!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

NIGHT MONSTER / Universal Pictures - 1942

It's time for this weird little flick from Universal, it stars Bela Lugosi and Lionel Atwill in a story about a rich recluse who invites the doctors who left him a hopeless cripple to his creepy mansion in the swamps... For revenge?!!

Eegah!! sent over a pretty funny sound clip from this flick for our earjoyment, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our day monster, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Here's a taste of... NIGHT MONSTER!

Ralph Morgan plays crippled recluse Kurt Ingston, here, being carried down the stairs by Leif (INVADERS FROM MARS) Erickson who plays the chauffeur with a girl's name, Laurie. Also present are Bela as the butler, Rolf, and Lionel as Dr. King.

Nils Asther plays Indian mystic, Agor Singh. He's demonstrating his powers by materializing a skeleton for all the guests.

The invited doctors inspect the eerie scene and take a wooden box the skeleton is holding.

Here's Laurie seen strong arming Ingston's disturbed daughter. I chose this still because of the shadows supposedly being cast by the fireplace screen. Whatever they used, it seems to be for a screen door! Leif was 6'4" tall.

Scenes like this will become frequent, so, what the Hell's going on around here Scooby?!

The little guy (nice shadow) in the top still quickly ends up in a coffin in the bottom still!

And, it doesn't end there... Mommy, I want my bankie!

Ingston is accused of the murders but he pulls off his plastic arm and shows his deformed legs!

Then, they find this poor guy just hanging around in a musty old closet!

Agor, who seems sinister at times, has been working with Ingston to develop mental powers, something weird this way comes.

Well, there's finally a cat fight and the evil old house catches on fire as a result!

Ingston can actually manifest legs and an arm through his acquired mental powers, and, has been the murderer the whole time! He also has wolf feets! This flick was below par compared to their classics.

And, the old place burns completely to the ground, a necessity in movies for a house that evil!

We're back on Wednesday for more holiday treats for you!

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