Saturday, July 23, 2016


  #01 Britt Ekland - "The Wicker Man" "The Man With The Golden Gun"

 #02 Diana Dors - The Siren of Swindon, The English Marilyn Monroe!

 #03 Elizabeth Campbell - "El Planeta De Las Mujeres Invasoras" "Las Luchadoras Contra El Médico Asesino" etc.

#04 Gianna Maria Canale - "Lust Of The Vampire" "Colossus And The Amazon Queen"

 #05 Jane Birkin - "Blow-up"

 #06 Joi Lansing - She probably should have been the first one on the first list! Just because!!

#07 Julie Adams - "Creature From The Black Lagoon"

#08 Kathryn Grant - "The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad"

#09 Martha "Two Guns For" Hyer"

#09 Maura Monti - The third member of the Mexican trilogy of beauty with Lorena and Elizabeth!

#10 Milicent Patrick was not only a beautiful actress, she also gets the mind-blowing credits for creating "The Creature From The Black Lagoon" mask, the Mr. Hyde mask in "Abbott And Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde," the mutant mask in "This Island Earth," and the Xenomorph in "It Came From Outer Space!" Now that's sexy!!!!

#11 Mylène Demongeot is just too cute!
She was Hélène in the three "Fantomas" films!

#12 Nancy Kwan - The World of Suzie Wong" "The Wrecking Crew"

#13 Patti Chandler - "Ski Party" "Bikini Beach" "Dr. Goldfoot"

#14 Peggy Cummins - "Gun Crazy" "Curse Of The Demon"

#15 Raquel Welch - "Fathom" "Bedazzled" "Bluebeard"

#16 Sherry Jackson - "Make Room For Daddy" "Star Trek" "The Monitors"

#17 Veronica Lake - Been in love with that coif since I was a little boy!

#18 Yvette Mimieux - "The Time Machine" "Three In The Attic"

#19 Martine Beswick - "From Russia With Love" "Thunderball"

#20  Jennifer Jayne - "The Crawling Eye" "Hysteria" "They Came From Beyond Space"

#21 Marie-Pierre Castel - "La Vampire Nue"

#22 Sheila Carol (Sheila Noonan) - "Beast From Haunted Cave" "Bucket Of Blood"

#23 Mary Ann Mobley - Miss Mississippi 1958 and Miss America 1959.
She was originally cast as "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E." and Batgirl too, but was replaced both times!

#24 Leigh Christian - "Beyond Atlantis" "The Doll Squad"

#25 Jill St John - "The Lost World" "Diamonds Are Foreveer" "Batman"
So that's it for this go round, I think there will still be at least 25 more which will make it an even hundred! We've all been blessed for years! Thank-you to them all!!

Friday, July 22, 2016


Okay boys and girls, it's time to check out this batch of Weird-Ass Monsters from the Fifties! Sure, there are more but these here are great examples of low budget foul balls... Enjoy!

Here's Richard Carlson's relative from THE MAZE in 1953, I remember seeing this one around 1960 on TV and couldn't believe what I was seeing. A very strange movie directed by William Cameron (INVADERS FROM MARS) Menzies.

Also from 1953 is the insane ROBOT MONSTER, played by George (MESA OF LOST WOMEN) Barrows. Literally a hack job of monster creation!

This Mexican movie, THE ROBOT vs. THE AZTEC MUMMY from 1958, reuses this robot from THE SHIP OF MONSTERS but it has a human inside it! That's one awkward, goofy looking creation.

The shaggy BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE from 1959 is one whacked out monster. When you watch the climax where Michael Forrest fights the thing, it's hard to tell what in the Hell's going on!

THE MAN AND THE MONSTER from 1959 was another wild Mexican horror movie. But, the clown nose makes him look like we're watching a freakin' comedy!!

Gene Corman's NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST from 1958 has one of the most confusing looking monsters... Ever!! You're just never sure what you're looking at!.. Nice package!

ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES from 1959 has big rubber monsters designed and built by the professional scuba divers playing the creatures!

Eegah!! and I saw this one at the theater when it came out. That's one of the goofiest looking monsters of all time, the MST gang had some great lines when they cut this one to shreds!

This is my pick for the worst, most embarrassing excuse for monsters, that's right, THE BRAIN EATERS from 1958! Seriously, is that supposed to be anywhere near scaryville?!

Then, from 1959, we gots THE WASP WOMAN! I mean, they couldn't even get the mouth straight, that's an obvious wig, that eyeball, just horrible! Well, that's it, but, tune in tomorrow for another special post from Eegah!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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