Monday, March 2, 2015

THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN / Universal Pictures - 1942

It's Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. We gots another horror story where Ygor resurrects the Frankenstein monster and takes him to the original doctor's son for help, who becomes obsessed with the idea of restoring the monster to full power. Lon Chaney plays the monster this time.

Here's a fun little sound clip from this classic Universal flick, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our stinky old sulfur pit, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Here's... THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN!

It starts with Ygor playing his horn at the old Frankenstein castle, a mob arrives to the location and blows the place up. Ygor makes his way to the lower part of the building as it crumbles.

There, he discovers the monster packed in a giant glob of sulfur, you can hear Ygor help his best friend escape from his tomb in the sound clip.

Frankie's battery is low but gets a boost when he's hit by a lightning bolt!

Love these shots when Ygor takes the big guy into town. There, he helps this unafraid little girl get her ball back after some boys kick it onto a roof. Wow, Frankie's duds cleaned up real nice!

Ygor calls Frankie with his horn, it's time to hit the old dusty trail...

Ygor then takes Frankie to the home of Ludwig Frankenstein, son of Victor. Ludwig has to gas Ygor and the monster in order to control them.

Later, it's decided that Frankie needs a brain transplant and Ygor convinces the doctors to use his. He can't wait to lose his twisted body and replace it with a giant hulk.

Great shot as Frankie chases an unwelcomed guest out of the lab!

Lionel Atwill plays the evil Doctor Bohmer. Now that Ygor is in command of the monster's body, he has a few choice words for the doc before pushing him into one of the electrical panels!

A mob of angry villagers shows up to torch the place and the big guy is burned to death!.. But, does he really die?!

The guy and girl escape the burning building and leave the scene to pursue a normal life. We're back on Wednesday with who the Hell knows what, so, be there for the surprise!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

RATU SAKTI CALONARANG - "May Peace Be In Your Heart" (1985)

For the last film of Heart Month, tonight we have a tender love story straight out of Indonesia called "Ratu Sakti Calonarang!" 

"Ratu Sakti Calonarang" is brought to you courtesy of the good folks over at:
  Cult Action Films!" 
They thought it was a movie I needed to see, and you needed to know about!

This is the diminutive Suzzanna as Calonarang! There seems to be quite the controversy as to whether her name is two words Calon Arang or one word Calonarang depending on where you look! You might remember Suzzanna for her roles in "The Hungry Snake Woman," or "The White Alligator!" She is also a member of the one name celebrities club that includes Madonna, Prince, Sting, Charo, Twiggy, Cher, Coolio, and Sade, among others!

 These are her disciples! The pretty maids all in a row!

This group of witches is into all sorts of black magic and depravity like human sacrifice!

And you don't get the idea that they especially like men very much!

There's lots of song and dance numbers like this Motown tribute!

"Ratu Sakti Calonarang" enlightened me to a few things that I never had heard about before like 'Disastrous Fog!' I've seen all kinds of fog in my life, but none that attacked before! Most of the fog around these parts just sits there and waits for you to come to it!

You made big mistake! Now it's time to pay! Get the message?

To prove how tough and rugged she is, Calonarang is constantly chewing and tugging at something in her mouth that looks kind of like a stogie, but I am going to go out on a limb here and guess it's maybe a dried salt plum or something like that!

Whatever it is she's got stuck in her mouth, it makes her look like a gangster!

Suzzanna was only 5 foot 3 inches tall! She was born Suzanna Martha Frederika van Osch, and she passed away back in 2008 at the age of 66!

This dude was going to kill Calonarang, but when he saw the inside of her thigh, he got turned on and morphed into a young handsome prince. He thought he was going to make love to her, but when she awakes....................

.............She pisses all over him! (It's starting to get weird!)

Your basic storyline after that is that in order to rid themselves of Calonarang's reign of terror, they will send a young man to seek her daughter's hand in marriage, and then after he's on the inside, he can steal Calonarang's Book of Black Magic and end the madness!

 Time for the big wedding celebration "Boom Shaka Laka" song and dance number!

 This shot screams Bali!

 My, My, what language from a lady!

Calonarang goes to get her book back, and there's a big final showdown!

Home boy uses the book to defend himself, and Calonarang ends up destroying the book and herself in the process, or something along those lines

The world could use this message these days, that's for God Damn sure!

Friday, February 27, 2015

KING OF THE ZOMBIES / Monogram Pictures - 1941

It's Freakin' Funny Friday at The Dungeon and time for a little humor with this story about a small plane that has to crash land on an uncharted Caribbean island with zombies. The pilot, a passenger and his manservant take refuge in a mansion owned by a suspicious doctor.

Some interesting trivia... The role of Dr. Sangre was originally designed for Bela Lugosi, but, when he became unavailable, negotiations ensued to obtain Peter Lorre for the part but a deal could not be reached. So, veteran character actor Henry Victor was signed just prior to the date of filming.

Here's a sound clip from this fun lil' flick for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over by our village idiot zombie, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's a little taste of... KING OF THE ZOMBIES!

Here are Dick Purcell as James McCarthy, Dungeon Hero Mantan Moreland as Jeff and John Archer as Bill Summers. Their plane is about to go down!

After the crash, Jeff wakes up next to a tombstone and he thinks he has died!

The three find their way to an old mansion and go inside, there, they're greeted by the very strange Dr. Sangre.

Jeff gets to hang out with the maid and cook as he slowly learns about all the zombies that inhabit the island...

Jeff has creepy encounters with Dr. Sangre and a zombie, as heard in the sound clip!

The story is rather involved as there are Nazis, a High Priestess, voodoo ceremonies, mind control and transmigration going on!

Jeff marches his zombie crew to dinner, also heard in the sound clip.

Dick is now a zombie, him and the others turn on Dr. Sangre. The doc falls into a fiery pit for a suitable end to his madness!

We'll end with this great shot of Jeff as he watches the carnage from a safe location... Tune in tomorrow when we'll be back with more insanity from the Dungeon Express!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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