Friday, May 25, 2018

BEANY & CECIL In 'A Trip To The Schmoon' / Bob Clampett - 1959

Grab your space gear! it's another Funnie Friday, today's feature is a Beany & Cecil cartoon from their first season. This time we get to go on a trip to the Schmoon!.. Read a little further to find out what in the Hell a Schmoon is...

The boys have left Earth and are on their way to the Schmoon!.. You can see that they simply attached a rocket to the good old Leakin' Lena.

Okay, here you go, see that little dot there to the right of the Moon? Well, that's the Schmoon!

Captain Huff'n'puff shows Beany and Cecil some drawings he came up with depicting what Schmoon creatures might look like, one drawing he did is of a blob!

I wonder how much fun Robert and his pals had coming up with this crazy shit, first of all, what's up with the Schmoon?! Then, they land on the very edge and almost fall off!

The Captain plants a flag on top of a large mound to claim the Schmoon for themselves! Unfortunately, the mound is actually a sleeping blob with a bad attitude!

The blob has the voice of Ralph Kramden! And if you think about it, well, what else?!.. Trip to the Moon!,, Pow, right in the kisser!!

Cecil tries to battle the blob but it keeps transforming into different things. making lotsa trouble for our big buddy.

It even tries to drop Beany off the edge but Cecil rescues his pal in the nick of time!

I mean, the thing cleans Cecil's clock at every turn!.. C'mon Cec!!

Cecil puts his Super Cecil suit on and goes head to head with the transformer tank... And!!..

Cecil wins the day and sends the blob on a trip to the Moon!! Welp, that wraps it up for today, we are back tomorrow with something you'll want to check out I bet, later...

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

GARO: YAMI O TERASU MONO - "Ryuga" (2013)

Tonight's Wednesday Weirdness is a Japanese TV show from 2013 called "GARO: Yami o Terasu Mono"

It's also known as "The One To Shine Light Into The Darkness!"

As weird as it may seem, "Garo" and  "Grimm" have a lot in common, well, maybe not a lot, but they are both killers of monsters who have infiltrated into society!

And it appears that just like in "Grimm," the Makai Knights are the only ones who see the monsters, the only difference is that in this show they call the monsters horrors!

"Ryuga" was the first episode of this series, but the whole "Garo" deal got started back in 2005. Junya Ikeda has the lead role as one bad sumbitch named Ryuga Douga. I think he has a horny cousin called Ahooga Douga!

Ryuga has got no lack of confidence!

Ryuga has found this horror right at the time that she's supposed to get married!

Yep, she's one of them all right!

Ryuga is really ruining her wedding plans, and it really pisses her off!

The bride shows her true self! What a bitch!

Ryuga is not bashful, and disposes of her right in front of the guests and the whole wedding party!

Cool ring! It talks!

Good doggie, Fetch!!

When it gets to a point where Ryuga can't handle the situation, then it's time for GARO to take over!

I wasn't quite sure why Ryuga needed to turn into GARO, because he was kicking everybody and everything's ass quite handily already without the suit, but then what else made sense in this show? Not exactly anything, but at least it wasn't boring!

Monday, May 21, 2018

THE OUTER LIMITS: "Controlled Experiment" / Season 1 Episode 16 - 1964

Today's weird little story goes like this... Deimos is a Martian agent on Earth disguised as a pawnshop owner, he's on Earth to observe Earthlings. Phobos has just arrived to Earth, he's a Martian supervisor with a time controlling device to investigate what a murder is! Phobos receives a message from Mars for him and Deimos to go to a low budget hotel to witness a murder in the lobby there. When they arrive, they identify the blonde waiting for her boyfriend, Phobos then uses the time controlling device to repeat the murder many times to understand the details. However, the experiment goes awry and they receive a report that the future of Earth will be severely affected by the event!

I kept thinking I was watching a TWILIGHT ZONE episode!

It stars Barry (ASYLUM) Morse as Phobos, Carroll ((Archie Bunker) O'Connor as Deimos, Grace (STAR TREK) Lee Whitney as the blonde and Robert (INCUBUS) Fortier as her boyfriend.

Here's Phobos in Earth's orbit, on his way to meet his Earth contact... Check it out, that's the saucer built by Paul Blaisdell for INVASION OF THE SAUCER-MEN seven years earlier!

Phobos locates Deimon at his shop, he goes in to announce that's he's here on a mission from Mars and will need his help to assist.

Phobos shows Deimos his ID card to prove that he's who he says he is!

Deimos gets to check out the mesmerizing monitoring machine from Mars!

My favorite part... Deimos offers Phobos a cigarette and a cup of coffee, and, Phobos is in love. he's addicted immediately!! Viva la Earth!

Then, an assignment from Mars comes in, they are to surveil a murder at a hotel...

Here's Carla, she's seriously pissed off!!.. She found out that her boyfriend, Bert, has been seeing another woman!! Bert comes out of the elevator and Carla pulls the trigger! Damn, that sixties style pose of Carla in the top photo is freakin' ... HOT!!

They run the incident over and over, trying to make sense of the melodrama!

They even freeze time so that they can make small changes to have the situation come to a different conclusion than the one before...

After looking further into the past, they find that Bert did kiss another woman, but, he tells her he's in love with Carla! They decide that Bert should live and they make it happen, Bert then asks Carla to marry him, and she says yes! Alright! Things turn out swell...

Until, Mars calls to inform the boys that Bert must die because their male child would ultimately bring the end of the world through a series of events he causes!! The list of events is a real crack up.

Anyway, they come up with a way around Mars' request to have Bert shot and everything turns out great for the couple, The boys don't believe the Martian report about the child...

And, Phobos requests to stay and work on Earth, they agree and the boys celebrate the cool ending!.. So, like, we be back Wednesday with... uhh.. Crap, who knows?! See you then.

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