Monday, January 23, 2017

FLESHEATER / H&G Films Ltd., Hinzman - 1988

The tagline for this $60.000 production goes... He lived, he died, he's back, and he's hungry! The simple story line goes like this... A group of teenagers are taking a hayride and the tractor driver comes across a human grave, inside is a zombie! Now, the teens are falling victim and becoming zombies themselves and eventually there are zombies everywhere!

This is the production of the first zombie you see at the beginning of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Bill Hinzman. There's a tombstone tie in with the original.

Here are the pile of teens on their way to a picnic site. Boy, talk about a great place to have some of that there teenage fun, WOW!

Weird freakin' place to put a latrine!!

Bill, who was in the coffin, finds two teens in the barn and decides to join in on the fun!.. KILL BILL!!!

The first guy Bill kills turns into a zombie and returns the favor with another tractor pilot!

Here's a nice shot of Bill as checks out the teen scene... Hey, you guys wanna play?

Then, some of the live teens find their two friends, well, kinda... DEAD! But, not for long.

This is Terrie Godfrey as The Dispatcher, one of her four acting credits.

Good old Bill wanders into this gal's bedroom and offers to give her a nice neck rub!

One of the teens tries to convince this 'non-zombie believer' that there are a bunch of zombies chasing them around!

This Dracula dude at a Halloween party chugs down a cold beer, just before he dies!

This is probably the creepiest scene as this zombie comes at the teens while a lamp swings back and forth, creating an interesting effect.

The local yokels bring their rifles out for a little zombie target practice!.. YEE-HAW!!

And, they top the whole thing off by shooting a little girl zombie!! Ahhh, the eighties!

Bill gets the last word!.. Nuf' said!!.. Okay, we're back Wednesday with even more wild and weird stuff, just for you'se!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

TWIN PEAKS - David Lynch - Pilot Episode (1990)

Tonight's Saturday Night Special is the pilot for the wowser David Lynch TV show from 1990 called "Twin Peaks!" Personally, I always knew about "Twin Peaks," but missed it the first go round, my daughter had just turned one, if you know what I mean! So I got this copy, and so now, I'm hooked, and I'm going to binge watch the whole series most likely!

And I did not know until I started writing this, that a new 25 years later continuance story of "Twin Peaks" is due to be on TV in a couple of months, but since I don't think it's a channel I get, I'll have plenty of time to watch these original episodes in the meantime!

These opening shots are great!

"Twin Peaks" is obtuse, so any tribute to it like this should be too!

Your first introduction to Laura Palmer!

If you have no clue what this all about, and you see this shot, does it make you want to see this show?
If not, it should!

Looks like a postcard!


Now I'm hungry!

Damn! I had a crush on Peggy Lipton forever, and she looks just as good as she did in "Mod Squad" some 20+ years earlier! I just saw she will also be in the new version, so now I'm going to have to watch it for sure!

I truly hope they can re-create the feel successfully in the new version!

It's just a hunch, but I will bet you dollars to doughnuts there will be feet shots in the new version too!

It's about 20 degrees out, and this gal is walking on a bridge in a dirty negligee! I really want to get this done right now so I can watch the next episode!

The always amazing Russ (Tom Thumb, West Side Story, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, Human Highway) Tamblyn is Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, and he is also going to be in the new 2017 version! He was cracking me up here!

You want to talk about being distracted?

Okay! No Shit! This is my favourite shot for 2017 so far!
"Gas Farm?" Sounds like a Spinal Tap song!

And this is my second favourite shot!!

Okay, somebody get me some coffee!!

Friday, January 20, 2017

MONSTER X STRIKES BACK: Attack The G8 Summit / DefStar Records, Eisei Gekijo - 2008

Guess what happened in 2008?.. Good old Monster X came back to Earth to cause even more trouble! This time, all the world leaders have gathered together at a G8 Summit meeting in Japan. Then, a meteorite crashes into the heart of Sapporo and releases the monster Guilala (Monster X). The monster rampages through Sapporo, leaving death and destruction in his wake. After leveling the city, Guilala transforms into a giant ball of fire and flies to Hokkaidō, making its way to the G8 Summit! The Prime Minister of Japan proposes cancelling the Summit for the safety of all involved, but the President of the United States convinces the other world leaders to stay and fight.

After the meteorite crashes in the city, the title card shows the big guy emerging from the fire and rubble... They actually show clips from the original 1967 production, THE X FROM OUTER SPACE, in flashbacks.

So, here are the disorganized world leaders getting the G8 Summit going. By the way, this is a freakin' sci-fi comedy flick!

In a weird scene, a jet fires a missile at X, but, the missile turns around and flies away from the monster! What the Hell! Actually, they want it to chase the missile into the mountains.

This is really uncanny, the American president (in the yellow hard hat) is a dead ringer for Trump!! Here's the G8 group out cheering the military on to kill the monster!

Wow!!.. They even use a small Monster X toy to represent it on this war games table!

At one point, a group of hot Japanese girls come into the summit meeting with assault rifles and stop it in its tracks!

Of course there's plenty of fireworks, but, bombs don't seem to work that well against the oncoming hulk!

The Japanese president calls on the Take-Majin to take care of Monster X. The statue transforms into a giant and the battle between the two is ready to begin!

The fight is pretty funny, looks like Take-Majin is ready to punt Monster X in the top photo! Gawd, I'd love to have a pair of those gold shoes, so cool!!

Anyway, Monster X gets its head knocked off, and then...

The thing blows itself back to Hell... Okay then, we'll see you again tomorrow with more from... The Old Dungeon Gang!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??